Maggie Sholes

How It Works

You’re about to make a serious investment in your business, so it’s only fair to assume you’ll be taking the process just as seriously. Below, I’ve spelled out exactly what you can expect at every step, from our first conversation to the day you receive the finished product.

Each phase will have its own deadlines and some may even require a little homework. To keep us on track, we’ll use a very handy project management tool that I promise you’ll love. If that all sounds good, let’s get to work!


Before we get things rolling, we’ll work together to establish an agreeable scope of work, timeline, and rate that are fair to both of us. If stuffy legal-ese-filled contracts aren’t your shtick, then you’ll have nothing to worry about. While this proposal will serve as a legally binding document, we’ll treat it like more of a handbook for the project that keeps us both accountable. Most importantly, this contract protects your investment and my work.


Creative Brief

Design isn’t about making pretty things—it’s visual problem-solving. To come up with the best solution, we need plenty of context to determine what problem we’re trying to solve. I may know about design, but you’re the expert on your business. You know your audience, your product, your industry better than anyone else. The brief is where we lay all of this context out on the table and present it in a way that makes clear what problem needs to be solved.

We’ll use a project management tool to guide you through the briefing process (as well as the rest of the project milestones). After I assemble the brief, you’ll review it and we can make any changes necessary. It’s important to really nail this step, because throughout the project, we’ll refer back to the brief often to make sure we’re on track.



And now the fun stuff! I’ll dig into the brief, brainstorm a boatload of ideas, and pick out the best ones. After developing these ideas into potential solutions, they’ll be presented to you as concepts in mood board format. Mood boards are a fantastic way to visualize and convey creative ideas. You’ll get to pick the concept you’re most excited about, and we’ll use that as our jumping off point.  



Your feedback in this process is invaluable—after all, it’s your business and your investment. This is a collaboration, so your opinion matters. A set number of revision rounds will be built into our proposal. These are your opportunities to request any changes or ask questions.



The day we’ve all been waiting for: launch! Your website will go live, files will be transferred, or materials will be sent to the printer. In most cases, you’ll receive all the final documents as well as working files. Many times a 30-minute phone conversation will come in handy to walk you through anything you might need to know, like how to make small website updates or customize social media assets. After that, the only thing left is to toast to a job well done!